Brand Integrated Environmental Graphics

Petzl was constructing it’s new US headquarters in Salt Lake City and desired to create a branded campus experience that told the storied history of the company.


Tell the story of the history of the company and create a unique space that spoke to the new position of the company, Access the Inaccessible.


By turning the lobby into a micro-museum, the stage was set for the company to tell their narrative as they grew. Cost-effective and thematically connective graphics unify the space throughout the building.

The Approach

An oversized cairn sculpture was created to speak to the adventures the company has undergone and to connect it to the outdoor lifestyle. The stone was selected to match the exterior facade and was sourced from local quarries in Utah.

Real Petzl ice axes were modified to function as front door handles. Blades were cut and dulled to ensure the only last impression was in the mind and not the visitor’s hands.

The unofficial logo of Petzl, “Thunder Man,” can be seen from both inside and outside and serve as the fist truly tall graphic that speaks to the verticality theme of the brand.

The Petzl Story

As a part of the lobby, the Petzl company mission and history were treated like a museum. The theme of verticality and light were used as the main conceptual components.

The timeline starts with a singular focal point, one of the original artifact Petzl  helmet and headlamp. It serves a symbol of bringing light into darkness. The three major business lines of Petzl are emphasized on 3D panels suspended by actual climbing rope and carabiners.

The Room Identification Signage

The typography was modified to mimic climbing rope and to reinforce the verticality brand statement. Room names were based around product names within the Petzl family of products.

The Restrooms

Restroom signs were created in a tone that matched the playful, european flair of Petzl. Male and female climber icons mimic standard ADA restroom icons, and are whimsically climbing up the large restroom identification graphic.




Infinite Scale

Creative Direction

Cameron Smith
Drew Ehrgott


Drew Ehrgott
Joey Howell

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