Natural History Museum of Utah


The Natural History Museum of Utah was in a period of great change. Not only were they moving to a new facility and changing their name, they were re-branding the entire image of the museum.


Create a brand that cohesively related to the architectural vision of the new facility and iconic symbolism in Utah.


Topographic facetting was used as a thematic element to connect the land to the building, the building to the logo, and the logo to the brand. The color palette and visual images are all closely connected to official state icons such as red rock, the sego lily, and indian rice grass.

The Brand

Facets worked thematically throughout the brand. The architecture forms were integrated throughout the brand style of faceting.

A broad color palette was developed using the nature found within Utah as the inspiration.

Colors were assigned to varying departments and programs within the museum giving further depth to the color application.

Photographic treatment and guidelines were also developed.

Light typographic styles and rules were created.

Patterns and sample applications rounded out the brand guidelines.

The Community Campaign

To get the community involved in the new facility, a community donor campaign was created. Recipients were provided with a choice of donor level and artifact from the museum collection that they wanted to sponsor. A direct mail campaign served as the donor’s invitation to contribute.

The Candy

In keeping with the thematic concept of the museum, a rock candy product was created for the museum store. Each flavor rock was named after minerals found in Utah.


Natural History Museum of Utah


Infinite Scale

Creative Direction

Cameron Smith
Drew Ehrgott


Drew Ehrgott
Dan Phillips
Joey Howell
Thy Doan

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