Brand Identity & Illustration

Voilé has been a long time pioneer in the backcountry ski industry. They sought to elevate the impression of the brand with a new cohesive look for the 2014-2015 season and beyond.


Throughout their history, Voilé has had numerous logos and had not made a consolidated effort to create a Voilé signature look. Instead they had focused on trend and what would sell that season. The challenge was to create a look that was on trend, could last several years moving forward, and had a style reflective of the company’s ethos.


Adopted from a previous logo, the concept of the yin yang was a symbol suitable for Voilé. Representing color vs black and white, the balance within yourself, the balance between backcountry and resort skiing, as well as the split in the splitboards, the core brand element drove the remaining brand story. Light brand guidelines were created to keep the in house team on track moving forward.

The Split Boards

Working closely with the in-house design department, a watercolor theme was developed and translated across the entire 2014-2015 season product line. It is both colorful and bright, but calm and spiritual mirroring the enthusiasm of the backcountry ski and splitboard audience.

The Backcountry Skis

The watercolor theme was applied to the skis as well. This created a unified look for the entire product line.




Infinite Scale

Creative Direction

Cameron Smith
Drew Ehrgott


Drew Ehrgott
Joey Howell
Thy Doan

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